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Foreign Enterprises Optimistic to China's Vehicle Air Purifier Market

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"Because of the lack of clear leadership products in China market, many people are concerned about pollution, but they are not sure what to do to protect themselves. How to change this situation is very important. This is a good opportunity. " Frank Hammes, IQAir's global CEO, the US Green Building Commission and member of the Energy Efficiency School Collaboration Alliance, told China Economic Times in a recent interview.

Studies have shown that there are more than 270 chemicals in the air. Formaldehyde, VOC, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5, bacteria, ozone, pollen, benzene, toluene, all kinds of fine particles smaller than 0.1 micron in diameter... Will gather in the car. So when people are in the car environment, they are exposed to a mixture of serious air pollution.

"The problem of air pollution inside vehicles is very serious. Pollutants from vehicle exhaust, tire and road wear will enter the vehicle, and mix with chemicals released from the vehicle interior materials, which together constitute the problem of air pollution in the vehicle. Because of the safety requirement of automobile fire protection level, it also needs to adapt to the outdoor high temperature and cold environment conditions, which determines that automobile manufacturers often use a large number of chemicals to ensure that the interior materials can adapt to the changes of the external environment. However, at high temperatures, chemical agents will have the process of transformation. The higher the temperature is, the more quantity will be released. Some new cars will take two or three years to release. " Frank said.

However, compared with the outside environment, the vehicle purifier market has not attracted the attention of many consumers.

By investigating many existing products in the market, Frank found that there are many aspects of products in the vehicle purifier market that need to be improved. First, many products are relatively small and lead to less air flow. Second, many products are not installed in the right place, such as some on the dashboard in front of the windshield of the car, and some on the armchair. These locations do not directly transmit clean air to the respiratory area of passengers. Third, the purification capacity of some products is insufficient. Fourth, the beauty of products needs further improvement.

"The original intention of the development of on-board air purifier is to enable users to enjoy the same level of clean air at home and in the office, even in the car. The vehicle air purifier industry needs to start from consumer demand and provide products that can solve problems. Any enterprise that attaches importance to the market of household air purifier should attach importance to the market of vehicle air purifier. Frank said.

Frank said that in the Chinese market, there are about 700 brands in the whole air purification industry, and many enterprises are entering this field. Previously, some enterprises thought that the field of air purification is profitable. In fact, it is a difficult job to provide consumers with clean air effectively.

"For China's vehicle air purifier market, it is very important for enterprises to win consumers' trust. There are about five foreign brands entering China. These brands often have global marketing strategies. In the Chinese market, there are also some enterprises that only aim at the Chinese market for marketing, or find an OEM. Our strategy is to give priority to China, but we are a global marketing strategy. " Frank said.

In Frank's view, with the improvement of the whole environment, enterprises can no longer continue to "rely on the sky to eat", and can not wait for consumers to need the enterprise to provide products. Enterprises need to educate consumers about the impact of the environment on health so as to form long-term purchasing power. But it takes a lot of time and effort. In the Chinese market, at present, few enterprises have the strength to do this. 

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