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Air Purifiers Market Booms?

Haze rages and air purifiers rise


In 2015, the media and society's concern about haze reached its peak, and the corresponding air purifier market broke out. Air purifiers have naturally become the just-needed products for consumers to deal with haze. Front-line cities such as Beijing, where haze rages, have become the main battlefield for air purifier sales, and enterprises have flocked into the air purifier market. Carburetor market, earning "haze dividend". During the period of 2011-2016 covered by haze, the sales of air purifiers increased geometrically. In five years, the sales of air purifiers increased from 1.12 million to 3.52 million, an increase of 214.2% and a compound annual growth rate of 42.84%.

Air treatment has achieved remarkable results, and the market of air purifiers is declining.

However, "success is haze, failure is haze". In 2017, the government's drastic measures to deal with haze achieved remarkable results, and the market growth momentum of air purifier products, which depended on the growth of haze, began to slow down. In the fourth quarter of 2017, sales of air purifiers fell 24.9% year-on-year, leading the decline in all kinds of household appliances. This decline continued in the first half of 2018, with retail sales of 5.8 billion yuan in the first half, down 29.5% from the same period last year. As a result, the air purifier industry farewell to the honeymoon period and inevitably enter the transition period.

In November, when haze hit again, according to Ovi Cloud Network data, sales of air purifiers online fell by 33.8%, 790 million yuan and 39.0% during this year's "double 11" period. Haze and the annual promotion still do not stimulate people to buy more air purifiers.

Quality Problems Strike Consumer Enthusiasm

In addition to reducing the frequency of haze occurrence in air treatment, the quality problem of air purifier products is also one of the reasons for the decline in industry sales.

Under the high gross margin, too many "players" pour into the track, and the rate of unqualified air purifier products has been not low. Liu Qing, deputy secretary-general of the China Consumer Association, said that about 5 million units of air purifiers are sold annually in China's air purifier market, of which about 30% are substandard.

Not only is the quality of small-brand products difficult to guarantee, but also domestic large-brand products have "Zhongzhao", and imported products are also sad about quality. According to the data of the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection, 28 batches of 73 batches of imported air purifiers were found to be unqualified from April to October 2017, with the detection rate of unqualified as high as 38.4%. Consumers with poor product quality are naturally reluctant to pay.

The market is bleak and business is shrinking

During the period of the outbreak of air purifier market, many comprehensive big brands entered the industry by OEM, but now the market is bleak, domestic big brands and foreign brands have shrunk the air purifier business. From the perspective of the industry as a whole, the number of brands of air purifiers has also decreased in recent years. In 2016, there were 699 online air purifier brands and 117 offline brands. From January to October 2018, the number of online air purifier brands decreased to 427 and the number of offline brands decreased to 103.

New Direction of Transition: Removing the Bad and Preserving the Good

The path of relying solely on haze has been impassable. The whole air purifier industry will face new challenges. The main battlefield of enterprise competition will be transferred to the field of technology upgrading and product innovation. After the end of irrational crazy growth, the brand concentration of the air purifier market has been further strengthened, and the remaining brands with stronger R&D strength and better quality are more guaranteed. At the same time, under the pressure of the market, these brands who choose to "stay" will be more willing to put their energies into products rather than marketing.

Previously, the main selling point of air purifier enterprises in the sales and promotion process was to remove PM2.5. However, PM2.5 is only one of the causes of indoor air pollution. Attaching importance to consumer education and guidance, and creating multi-functional selling points have become an important way for air purifier enterprises to get rid of "eating by day". Some manufacturers have begun the transformation of product functions, no longer focusing on PM2.5, but emphasizing the provision of healthy air solutions: formaldehyde removal, sterilization, odor removal, dust mite removal, pet hair removal, allergen removal and so on.

In addition, micro-function innovation is also a new trend of product upgrading, such as the launch of Sotoule vehicle air purifier by Changtai Weiye. More companies are targeting the market segments of purifiers, such as on-board purifiers with low penetration.

In addition, public places such as fast hotels, restaurants, KTV and stations have gradually become a new battlefield for air purifier enterprises to open up territory. In addition to the single product of air purifier, the industry is also exploring the use of intelligent interconnection to combine air purifier, fresh air system, air detector and other products to create a comprehensive and convenient air intelligent circulation system.

According to the Research Report of China Business Industry Research Institute, the air purifier penetration rate in China is only 1%. Compared with 17% in Japan, 27% in the United States, 40% in Europe and 70% in South Korea, the difference is far. Referring to the relevant data of developed countries with better air quality, we can find that the popularity of air purifier sales is not directly related to "haze", which is only an "extra" opportunity for China's air purifier industry.

In the future, the development of China's air purifier industry is still promising. It is not so much the tuyere of air purifier has passed, as the dividend of haze economy has passed. What follows is the fair starting line and the trend of industry transformation.

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